Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel

When you think of Maruti, what comes to mind is cheap and efficient cars, which are pretty good to run around the cities. The basic idea would be FUEL EFFICIENCY and the rest well not that much important! Of late there are lots of entrants in the small diesel segment market. The latest being Celerio – it’s a completely new product for Maruti. The car has been designed ground up completely at Maruti. It comes with an all aluminum engine DDiS 125 (country first and first in the segment) that’s 2 cylinders – 793 CC turbocharged engine making 47bhp@ 3,500 rpm and a decent 125Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm, the most important thing that a customer looks for is the fuel figures with ARAI certified 27.62Km/l - making it India's most fuel efficient car. Looking at the customers who demand safety features – there is the option of buying Celerio with airbags too (only on the top end version though), If this engine is successful for Maruti they might use it on other cars too. Coming back to the car – exterior wise its same like its petrol siblings. The only difference being the DDSI badging to differentiate.

Just a look down on the car’s dimensions:

Length Width Height Wheelbase
3600mm 1600mm 1560mm 2425mm
Ground Clearance Boot Space Minimum Turning Radius
165mm 235L 4.70mm

The Maruti was not a big car to begin with, but for a family of 4 people, it offers decent space. The whole idea of the car is of a city commuter.

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Test Drive

As with the petrol variants, you get the same spec and interior trims on the diesel ones. The moment you turn on the ignition – you can hear the unmistakable rattle of the diesel unit. Mind you this is a twin cylinder unit and because of its dimensions it does make some strange noises. The gear shifts feel same like the petrol Celerio, as soon as you engage the first and drive off – the car reminds you that this is no boy racer – it is slow to move off the line, it’s all because of the turbo lag and you would have to wait till it crosses the 1800 rpm range, then until around 2500 rpm the car seems to be in its happy zone. That primarily means – for overtaking you would definitely have to down shift. When in the city you can easily go around in the 2nd of the 3rd gear, without much fuss, not too much downshifting would be needed but with a gentle push on the clutch-accelerator combo. Good things is the steering as like in the alto its nice and with a small turning radius its breeze to take it around any nook and corner of city. But to be frank – the Celerio feels more at home in the urban scenarios, as compared to maybe a Ganga expressway! Not saying that the car feels slow or sluggish, its all about the way the car has been designed. The sole motive of the small engine was to run around just with sipping on the black gold, and be low on the pocket. Just like the rest of the Maruti siblings this one would also be easy to maintain.

All in all – there are very good competitors for the car, in Chevrolet Beat and to an extent the tata bolt, but, if you want a good car, for a decent price and with exceedingly good fuel efficiency figures and which is easy on your pocket, with pan india service back up, and a very good resale value too – Celerio diesel is the car for you.