Bajaj Pulsar 200RS

Pulsar from Bajaj has been with us for more than 15 years now. Right from the 150CC it went up to 220 in the RS category and as per auto show estimates Bajaj should be launching the Pulsars also in the 400 CC segment, that itself tells about the brand that pulsar has been able to make. When the bike was launched there was hardly as a competitor (apart from Hero Honda CBZ) all were in the fuel saving /small engine segment. Pulsar was able to shake up the market big time, with it Bajaj has shown the way forward and more and more Manufacturers lined up to start making inroads into Indian market. The success of Pulsar brand might have been the reason Bajaj opted to walk out of the Scooters market in India.

Pulsar has been the most successful product to roll out of Bajaj’s Chakan factory .It has given the company various new technologies to try and implement too – namely DTSi, Exhaustec also. the twin spark technology is still being used across the Pulsar ranges and has been one of the pillars for it being so popular. Coming back to the RS200 lets take a closer view.


Love it or hate it, this will be the reaction for Bajaj Pulsar 200RS, people will definitely have views about this bike. When you go around the bike you can’t help but notice the twin projector lights up front and the twin clustered tail lights which look a bit out of place to me. The fairing is comprehensive and the front portion of the bike looks very nicely done, the bike in yellow shades remind a bit of the Bumble bee from Transformer series. It is from the midpoint of the bike that it will get more reactions to it, namely the way the tail has been done. Broadly speaking – this is an upgrade to the NS200 with the bike sharing plenty of components with it, chassis, engine, tank, switchgears, but the differences are huge too – the bike gets a shortened stance, new body fairing, ABS brakes, bigger discs up front, and with FI (fuel injectors) based breathing system.

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I did drive it a combination of city and highway roads, must say that it is a Eye catcher. People do tend to notice the bike with its Twin projector style headlamps, the exhaust note is also quite good. The gear cog has a nice touch to it and engages firmly, while the bike is happy doing the daily routine of city traffic, it feels more happy on the open stretches where you can just open up the accelerator and revving the bike @ close to 9000 RPM mark will bring smiles to your face. Compared to the NS200 the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 has got 1HP extra it ought to the bike is close to 15 kgs heavier than NS, which I guess has been good as it gives the bike more stability at the three digit speed range (bajaj claims 140.8 kmph). In terms of the over all packaging – RS200 is easily the best Pulsar till date, all things look set on the bike, be it the 6 speed transmission, or the full fairing look to it, or the tail light which looks out of place, the bike has little to complain about. The tires from MRF are excellent apart from looking good they provide proper grip to the bike.

To sign off I must say – in the midst of the Yamahas and the KTMs the bike stands its ground and truly is called Make in India or made in India.