Volkswagen Polo GTI

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Volkswagen group has been making cars long before India got its Independence.The manufacturer has been the top car makers for more than 5 years producing brands like Volkswagen, premium like Audi, Bentley and Bugatti and lesser expensive versions like Skoda and Seat.

Although Volkswagen has been in the Indian market for more than 10 years,it has not been able to grab the attention of the masses. The manufacturer has not been able to produce volume cars. Most of their cars are expensive, above the 9 lakh bracket.

To shake up the market Volkswagen is expected to bring innew products – latest to be out is - brand new hatchback - POLO GTI. Volks have had cars in the GT, GTI badging for Polo and Golf iterations. Both GT and GTI are synonymous of powerful cars. And with these products we can expect the cars to be able to set the market literally on fire. Expect the car to look slightly different as it is to be a 2 door variant. The main difference will be under the hood - engine is expected to be - 1.8-litre four-cylinder turbo charged petrol engine. The numbers are huge we are talking of close to 200 BHP!!

The torque figure in excess of 250NM will make sure you are squeezed in your seat when you put the metal to the floor. The car will be happy in speeds of excess of 200kmph which will give the more expensive German beauties a run for their money.

As the car is being imported owing to its expected low numbers – price will be almost in the 20 lakh bracket. Only people who are keen on performance would be keen buyers others will probably move onto bigger/higher segments – never the less this hatch will set eyes rolling whenever it’s moving down the road.